How social media marketing helps amidst global pandemic?

How social media marketing helps amidst global pandemic?

by Unnimaya March 16, 2021
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During this pandemic, when people are physically separated, social media is the only thing that connects one another. As a prominent company, you might get confused as to what to post on social media during such situations. As a leading digital marketing company in Kochi, we could help you with social media marketing. This is the best time to do open conversations with your customers about a variety of subjects. Talking to them about your ongoing causes, sharing plans with your audience can all increase the goodwill of your brand. Whatever you post now is certainly going to impact your business.

Why is social media so important during a global pandemic?

  • During the pandemic, when people had to be inside their house the only relief to them was social media. They got updated with news from social media. They found entertainment on Facebook and Snapchat. The only way to connect with their loved ones was also through social media.
  • Entrepreneurs understood the importance of social media. They understood that social media can be the only platform through which they can promote their products during a pandemic.

These are just a few advantages of social media during a pandemic. Entrepreneurs are now investing more in social media marketing as they have a great role in increasing their overall sales. To advertise your brand on different social media platforms connect with us as we are one of the best social media marketing company in Kochi, Kerala.

Understanding customers

Understanding the customers in this situation is very important. It is customers who have to be satisfied with your products. Your company may be a leading company and you may also know your audience. But rechecking their interest during a pandemic is very important. Your business should take decisions based on the interest of the audience and for that knowing about their interest is very important.

Why focus on the Audience more?

The audience is the backbone of your business. You should focus less on your business and more on your audience. You do business to earn a profit. It is only through your return that your company can move forward but in a situation like this, it is not the right time to think about earning a profit. People are in a crisis, they want essentials and not luxury. People may only check your product and do not buy them.  You should always keep one thing in mind that what you do now is going to impact your future. Certainly, people are not going to buy your product but making it familiar to people can help you in the future. When all these crises get over, your audience might think of buying your products. So making a wider audience is to be your goal.

Making a wider audience is easy nowadays with the proper knowledge of the internet and social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat are all easy ways to reach wider customers.

Why is it necessary to increase your followers on social media?

It is important to increase the social media followers of your company. The only way to increase it is to go with the trends. Making content with the ongoing trend can help the business gain traction on social media. Platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook all provide a simple method of marketing. These platforms allow companies to post their content and it helps to reach a wide audience. If we take an example of a company that has benefited from content marketing, we could see how rapidly it has grown. If we take Twitter, it allows companies to tweet about their products. The followers can retweet hence reaching wider customers. Strive hard to get comments, likes, and shares.

3 social media strategies to increase your reach

  • Choosing the right platform

Choosing the right platform to reach your audience is very necessary. There are several platforms available like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  According to the research, it is found that people bus Instagram more. While reading this you might think it is best to advertise your product on Instagram but there are other factors to be considered. It is found that only 49% of men use Instagram. OnLinkedin57% of users are men. These statistics indicate that female-based businesses would get great ROI if advertised on Instagram and male-based businesses on the other. In the case of age, 38% of US adults use Twitter, hence businesses that concentrate on adults can advertise on Twitter. Therefore it is very important to choose which platform you have to operate. Choosing the best can help your business reach greater heights.

  • Checking Trends

Update yourself with the latest trends is important. During the pandemic, TikTok got widely recognized. After TikTok got banned in India, reels came to the front line. When TikTok was famous, it was the best platform to advertise your brand. Making short videos was the trend then. Simply advertising on a platform is not necessary. You should also know the latest trend on the platform to reach wider customers.

  • Celebrity marketing

Celebrities influence people a lot. What they do or post on social media can attract many people. Fans like to use products that their favorite celebrity uses. They trust their influencers and hence partnering with them can increase the reach of your brand. There are macro-influencers and micro-influencers. The more gifts you give to your macro influencer, the more they will be excited to exhibit it to their followers. These macro-influencers may have millions of followers and hence your brand can reach a wider audience within seconds.

This is a very crucial situation. Businesses should act accordingly to promote sales. Continuing with regular social media strategy can lead to great loss. Creating some changes in your bios, posting only on purpose, listening to your audience harder, trying new content, and changing your publishing time can all help you with your business? Social media is now the best place to communicate with a larger audience. In earlier days, social media was considered a bad influence. But people now understand the importance of social media and how much it can help you individually or even your business in crises. As a digital marketing company in Kerala, we are here to help you boost your business with the help of social media during this global pandemic.

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