The new Google Bolo app

The new Google Bolo app

by Simone March 07, 2019

Google steps up to empower India in education, launches new application Google Bolo for the school kids to learn and read better. Google plays an effective role to provide knowledge and information on a vast level which is easily accessible to everyone. Looking at the education level in northern part of India, Google came with the idea of learning and reading the application for the kids, where they can easily access and learn how to read and pronounce the words.

Google Bolo will be more helpful to rural kids those have not sufficient support to go to school or worst teaching regulations in some part of India. Smartphones now become a common accessory where everyone is now using it. So, it’s an effective and impactful concept by Google which we hope this can improve the teaching techniques, which adds a new invention in smart class. Google Bolo as now provides in two languages in English and Hindi to mark its proficiency in a better manner. Google Bolo developed with great AI and provide a supporting character Diya which enhance, explain and support to the users. The app is available and can be downloaded from play store and works with all smartphones operating KitKat or above. We, the TGI Technologies shows our immense gratitude to Google for empowering and creating such a platform for future generations. Google

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